Created in 1993, The Garden Network has always been a family-owned business. With the help of our loyal customers, it has grown from a small backyard gathering of plants into something luscious and prosperous. With each customer, we challenge ourselves to provide inspiration through joy and creativity. 


Our Mission

We are dedicated to providing our customers with fine quality plants, professional arrangements and outstanding service, in a harmonizing environment. We strive to build meaningful and unique relationships with each of our customers. At The Garden Network, we envision, design and create exceptional pieces that are guaranteed to create a lasting impression.

Our Vision

We aspire to provide all customers with passion, knowledge, quality and value with each visit.

Our values

  • Integrity
  • Balance
  • Customer focus
  • Quality 

naturally christmas

During our off season,  The Garden Network is transformed into a whimsical Naturally Christmas Shop. We create custom-made centrepieces, holiday arrangements and festive designs.

The true joy of opening this Naturally Christmas Shop each year is the opportunity to connect with our neighbours, friends, and customers over hot chocolate and homemade biscotti.

Open November - mid-December

Thursdays: 9AM-5PM

Fridays: 9AM-5PM

Saturdays: 9AM-5PM

Absolutely stunning. More importantly, they handle the weather, and grow like weeds, doubling in size over and over throughout the season. There is nothing like this that I have seen in my years of home gardening and I appreciate it even more now in my commercial spaces! Benita tells me the secret to growing so much better is the result of individual hand pruning as apposed to growth hormones used by other commercial growers.
— J. Battaglio

Come visit us. you will be glad you came.